Size IS Everything

Thinking about buying a dishwasher? If so, we can install it for you (just a little plug!) however make sure you choose one that not only fits into the gap but also is the right size for your needs.

If there are only 1 or 2 of you in the household, or you don’t have much washing up (takeaways are great!) then consider a slimline or compact model otherwise a large family may be better suited to a full size unit.

There’s nothing to stop you getting a full size unit if you live on your own – just make sure you have enough plates and cutlery to last between washes!

Don’t Get Into Hot Water

Are you overheating your hot water? The ideal temperature for your hot water is 60°C/140°F so turn your cylinder thermostat down (or up) to start saving money.

Also, make sure that the hot water cylinder is properly lagged to keep all that precious heat in!

Plug That Leaking Tap

Have you got a leaking tap? Worse still a leaking hot tap?

In about a week a dripping hot tap can waste enough hot water to half fill a bath – maybe even more. And you will be paying to heat each drip so get them fixed as soon as possible.

And make sure you turn them off properly too!

Fill Them Up To Save Money

To save money with your washing machine, tumble dryer or dishwasher, make sure you fill them up – one full load uses less energy than two half loads.

Shut Those Curtains

To reduce the amount of heat you are losing, close your curtains as it gets dark and this will act as an insulator.

Also, check for draughts around windows and doors to stop chilly breezes running up your heating bill!

Tips & Advice

With the economy getting tighter and tighter we thought we’d start posting a few tips to help save you money.

Where possible we’ll make the tips free to do however if we find any that have are cost effective, we’ll let you know about them as well. The first tip will be tomorrow morning!

Heating Hot Water During Summer

With a properly insulated hot water cylinder, you can keep the water hot for up to 12 hours. Therefore the best method is to set the water to come on before you plan on using a lot of hot water (eg. bath times).

It’s also worth enquiring about a water conditioner/softener that will make your cylinder last longer and help stop pipes furring up which wastes energy

Andover Plumber Website Launched

We’ve now launched a website for Andover Plumber so you can not only call us, but also request a quote using our online form.

If you have a look through the site you’ll be able see a bit about our background, as well as keeping you posted on developments such as special offers and any news we think may be useful to you.